Kalika FM

Kalika FM

Address : Kalika FM Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur-10, Chitwan
Phone : 056 - 527158 / 527159
Email : [email protected]

With the first ray of the morning sun of the 8th day of October and the auspicious year of 2002, dawned the voice of KALIKA FM 95.2 and since that very day its frequency modulation entered to millions of house hold in the mid-terai region of Nepal and it has stayed there till this day, over the period that number has but increased with the frequent introduction of state-of-the-art technology by us. After five years, now the only thing that has changed is that our voices have not only managed to stay inside six million households but has also claimed the hearts of those every single listeners as their Heart Beat. Our claim to this has been certified by the world trusted survey of Equal Access, which has listed us as the FM station having the third largest listenership in Nepal.

This was achieved not just by its reputation for our quality reception and even better programs but due to the series of off studio social events that Kalika FM performs throughout the year to interact with its listeners. We were the first private radio station in Nepal to install self supported, 55 meters tall steel tower, the tallest in Nepal, for that extra gain, which gives Kalika FM 95.2 the station having the widest range cover from its parent station ( without relay towers) in the entire country. To prove our dedication to reach more people with better quality reception, our station was the first station in Nepal that initiated to use 2000 watt digital transmitter. These events vouch for the reputation of Kalika FM to be the first in the future as well to be the premiere in importing new technologies in Nepal. Because of the cutting edge technology that equips our station our voice is heard and loved in more than 40 districts. We were also the first ever FM stationed outside the Capital to run 24 hrs a day. All the above and much more make us the most financially invested station in the whole nation. As Kalika FM 95.2 is stationed in Chitwan, the heart of Nepal, we enjoy 90 percent of listenership in the local market alone. We also enjoy the priviledge of having to air almost all the national ads through our station.

Our motto in producing programs is "unite the diversity of the listeners' choice". Our programs are packaged with the help of our panel of producers to fit to the taste of listeners having different tastes so that our program reaches its target audience. Some of the highlights of our programs are that we have hourly updates of current news and affairs with the help of our news correspondents scattered all around Nepal. We have atleast one Kalika FM exclusive correspondent in each district. We don't stop just there, we also run news based interaction programs with expert panels who discuss the news outcome and forecast the future events. These goals are fulfilled with the likes of our favoured programs like Kalika news Express ,Kalika news update, Kaya Kairan, Kalika Highlights, Nepal Khabar, Nepal Darpan, BBC to list a few. Getting entertained is as important as getting informed, which is also why we use equal effort in broadcasting entertainment events comprised with songs of various languages and genre backed by entertaining voices satisfying the hunger of our listeners, who come from various regions and ethnic background.

We give extra effort to compose program formats to fit the target listeners our valued sponsors so that the brand associated with the program can communicate with the maximum number of prospects. Based on various forms of feedbacks from our listeners, we have learned that our voice is liked by the people ranging from the urban, suburban and the rural areas. So our prime commercial goal is to help achieve the goal of our sponsors by communicating their message to our listeners in return of their association with us. The whole packaging of our Station has proudly made us a complete regional FM station, which justifies and satisfies the meaning and value of a true FM station, KALIKA FM 95.2 MHz.

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