NNS By-laws

NNS By-laws

The purpose of NNS is to preserve its rich cultural heritage and familiarize it to other communities in Nebraska and to carry out programs for the well beings of its members. The purpose of the organization is to engage in the following:


  • To design, construct, and operate a venue for all communities to organize social, cultural, educational, and other community activities taking a reasonable fee.
  • To build, foster and support a unified, active and supportive community of Nepalese, Nepali Americans and Friends of Nepal living in the Nebraska (the "Nebraska Nepalese Community").
  • To promote the culture and traditions of Nepal and Nepalese and work on the holistic wellbeing of its members.
  • Partner with other duly registered Nepali or non-Nepali organizations or group to work towards achieving the goals and objective.
  • NNS shall not be engaged or participate in any political agenda or support any individuals’ selfishness.

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NNS by Law