What is NNS member fee?

  1. Annual Single Adult Membership $15
  2. Annual Family Membership  $30
  3. Lifetime Single Adult Membership  $500
  4. Lifetime Family Membership  $1000
  5. Annual College Student Membership  $10
  6. Annual Senior and Military Membership  $10
  7. School Student Membership  FREE
  8. Disabled Membership  FREE

What is our requirement to become a NNS member? Do we have to live Omaha to become a member?

Any Nepalese who is in USA can become a member of NNS.

Why Should I become a NNS Member? What is my benefits as a member?

Answer yet to come.

Can we advertise in NNS website?

Anyone can send request to advertise on NNS website. NNS will post advertising rules and requirement in later date.

Can we pay online to join NNS member?

Yes; you may pay online using following link.


You can signup and pay from your dashboard as well.