President Message

President Message

Dear Nebraska Nepalese Community Members/Friends,
It’s my great honor and privilege to serve as the President of Nebraska Nepalese Society. At the very outset, I would like to sincerely thank you all for entrusting me this responsibility to lead this organization for the term 2020-2022 and make all the sincere efforts to advance it to the next level ensuring unity, coordination and togetherness amongst all Nepalese Nebraskans. I am inwardly thankful to every one of you and very much excited to receive your overwhelming support and enthusiasm that has really worked as the catalyst for me to bring about positive atmosphere in the community and add up a dimension of unity, strengthening community solidarity and upholding social harmony.

I am hoping to continually receive your meaningful support, co-operation and guidance that will be contributive to form a better state of our identity and pride as the members of Nebraska Nepalese Society in this global arena. Let’s gather together and work collaboratively and mutually to accomplish our organizational goals.

Our team on my leadership has established 3 goals to accomplish as outlined below:

  • Organize and manage cultural holidays and festivities – Continue to celebrate our traditions, festivities and cultural events, namely: Sivaratri, Teej, Picnic event, New Year event and Dashai/Tihar celebrations.
  • Develop the project plan and generate financial resources for building a Community Center for Nebraska Nepalese Society – Grant writing initiative will be taken forward and plan proposals will be submitted to donors in an effort to generate revenue for the organization.
  • Offer helping hand and show gestures of giving to the people in need and community in assistance constraint through awareness, education and guidance…!


Thank you for taking the time to read this message and please consider joining our Leadership Team as a way of signifying your commitment to doing benevolence the right way, supporting our community in Nebraska and recommending us the better solutions for our organizational growth. I am hopeful to learn from you all and execute to the success of this organization in all honesty with teamwork.


Krishna Kandel
President, Nebraska Nepalese Society Team 2020-2022