Dhurmus Suntali Foundation


Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation is a dedicated social organization working in the field of arts, awareness, reconstruction and public service. Through these works, the foundation has been continuously working for the construction of better and prosperous Nepal. Construction of 20 earthquake resistant houses for earthquake victims of Pahari community in Kavre, 66 earthquake resistant houses for earthquake victims of Tamang community in Giranchour, Sindupalchowk and not the least, the construction of 53 handicap friendly and child friendly for humanity and welfare are some significant works all citizens have admired. Even then our foundation has continuously been working for repair and maintenance of these integrated settlements as well as towards uplifting the economic status of the people under these settlements.


All these settlements have been made as per the rules and regulations of Nepal Government. Our only objective is to create a prosperous Nepal and help our government towards raising the status of all the citizens. As we were appointed as “Cleanliness and Hygiene Ambassador” from Nepal government, our noble dedication towards social work has now turned into duties and esponsibilities towards our nation. Thus, we are now determined to commence our next project that would bring the whole nation together. We are very excited to start this new project that would be made in coordination with Nepal government. We would like to even put forward our proposal of doing all the efforts and works needed for this project expecting nation and government’s coordination and guidance. Not only would this project be a mirror that reflects Nepal’s culture, tradition, tribes and lifestyle but it would also be the very first tourist attraction centre that will help us and them to see, observe and study about Nepal and understand Nepal.      


Sitaram Kattel 
Dhurmus Suntali Foundation


Official website : https://dhurmussuntali.com/en

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1 April 13, 2018 Heartland Computer I really love their dedication and hard work. Thank you for doing this to Nepalese community. $100