Fraternal Order of Police Arizona Charity Scam Call

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Fraternal Order of Police Arizona Charity Scam Call

Fraternal Order of Police Arizona Charity Scam Call


This morning I have received a call from 480-470-6881 who claimed that he is from Fraternal Order of Police Arizona. After hung up with him and did some research on that number and found out lots of article in google about scam. I also call that number back and same person picked up the phone call and I asked him to transfer call to his supervisor and he just hung up the phone call. So, please do not pay any money to any charity without verifying call. You can simply type that number in and find out who that number belongs to...


You may receive similar call like 

There are many more scam in internet or phone call, so before you send money to those people, please do complete research. Do not fall for those scam. Best way to avoid those scams are 

  • Ask scammer phone number, address, company name if applicable and website address. Once you obtain those information, tell them you will call back.
  • Once you have phone number, you can search by typing that number in and be able to see history about that number.
  • If you have address, do the same thing in
  • If you have website, check that website if it is exist in the web. 
  • Make sure all the website with https://  (Do not do any transaction on http:// only website)
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  • Facebook Scam

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