NNS Publication Sponsership type & Fee

NNS Publication Sponsership type & Fee

NNS Publication Sponsership type & Fee

Dear Friends & Sponsors,

Nebraska Nepalese Society (NNS), established in Nebraska in 2001, is a non-profit (501c3) organization. It is diligently working towards serving the community and helping its members through educating public to be responsible and self-dependent. It also tries to promote and strengthen the cultural programs including but not limited to nurturing bi-lingual traditions and heritage.

As a volunteer and charitable organization, we help needy people and the communities in various avenues as needed. Besides, we organize several cultural and fun programs every year. As a non-profit organization, we do not have the steady income to co-ordinate and organize several of the programs aforementioned.

We are organizing Nepali Dashain Tihar Event in November (tentative). We will also have guest artists and dance performances. We are expecting to have about 400 turnouts with overwhelming participation from home and neighboring communities. It’s going to be fun filled event.

As an organizational friend(s), well-wisher (s) and sponsor (s), we are reaching at your contact with a proposal request to sponsor this event providing us with your financial sponsorship. We also ask you of your opportunity to become the part of the event advertising and sharing your business services and opportunities you execute in Nebraska for customers/public.

Please, review the Sponsor proposal below and indicate your sponsorship underneath a note space. Please, be advised that this sponsorship is applicable for this event only.

  •  Diamond Sponsors - $750 (Includes Front Inside/Backside Outer/Backside Inside Full Page Advertisement in NNS Annual Publication).
  • Gold Sponsors - $500 (Includes: one full page advertisement in NNS annual publication).
  • Silver Sponsors - $200 (Includes: a half page advertisement in NNS annual publication).
  • General Sponsors Business - $100 (Includes a quarter page advertisement and best wishes messages
  • General Sponsors Personal Best Wishes Messages - $50 (Includes a quarter page advertisement)

Note: We would like to become (please circle): *****

A) Diamond Sponsor ****

B) Gold Sponsor ***

C) Silver Sponsor **

d) General Sponsor Business *

e) General Sponsor Personal Best Wishes Message NNS would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your sponsorships.



Nebraska Nepalese Society Executive Board 2018